Readings in Humanistic Psychiatry

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"Certainty is the realm of paranoids and fools. Of that much I'm certain."
  -- Kevin Turnquist, MD

Truly Insane? How to fix America’s broken mental health system


Defining the problem
An emerging model of mental illness
Implications of the emerging model
How do people recover from mental illness?
New models of psychiatrist-patient relationships
Why is it so hard to be around mentally ill people?
Where did the “Deinstitutionalization Movement” take us?
The neurobiology of housing
Basic principles for a new mental health system
Model communities for the mentally ill
Disincentives to system change

Psychiatric treatment in a new millennium

Problems with psychiatric diagnosis
Schizoaffective disorder: Confusion in psychiatric diagnosis reaches new heights
Medicating people with mental illnesses
Are we becoming a nation of depressives?
Understanding the new antidepressant medications
Is Evidence-Based medication treatment the answer?
Controlling other humans
Young adults and the Mental Health System
Obesity, bad driving, and our national character
Discontinuing psychiatric medications
New frontiers in psychiatry
The neurobiology of loneliness
Left-handedness and Disease

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